• The Tee’s Have It: Top 5 Portland-themed Souvenir T-shirts

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    Last week, as I was writing about Shipwreck & Cargo, I mentioned that visitors don’t need to purchase a cheapo made-in-china Portland tee-shirt as a souvenir when there are so many great shirts being made right here. However, I neglected to point you to any of them. So, here’s a quick round up of five of my favorite locally produced tee’s to remember your visit to Portland. Because, let’s face it – you’re vising somewhere new, on vacation maybe, and regardless of your personal feelings on the matter you need to buy a t-shirt. Maybe you feel like it’s traditional, maybe you have a family member who got left behind, and demands a little remembrance of your love. Whatever the reason, you’re visiting Portland and you feel like you need to pick up a souvenir tee to make your trip complete.

    So instead of grabbing some made in China generic tee, make sure you pick up one of these instead:

    Stars Above Portland
    Image of the night sky over Portland in June, created with a ‘discharge ink’ process that means the image is created where ink is removed from the shirt. (Cool, huh?)

    Ferdinand (ferdinandhomestore.com) (or on etsy)
    243 Congress St, Portland



    The Peninsula
    Map of the Portland Peninsula, white or black, M’s or W’s

    By The Peninsula Clothing Co (on Facebook)
    available at Zane (www.shopzane.com)
    41 Exchange St, Portland



    A giant purple monster getting ready to chow down on Portland’s iconic Hay Building (or perhaps the equally iconic Museum of Art). What’s not to love? (They also do a terrific Peaks Island one, featuring the ferry and the same awesome purple monster.)

    Blue Butterfield (bluebutterfield.com)
    Adults $20, Kids Tee $15



    Casco Bay Chart
    A lovely shirt with a map of Casco Bay on the front, and the helpful reminder “Not For Navigational Use” on the back.

    Portmanteau (www.portmanteauonline.com)
    3 Wharf St, Portland



    This simple and beautiful tee features a lovely and highly detailed image of Our Lady of Victories (“the lady on the monument”), one of the iconic images of the city. Designed and produced here in Portland by the fine folks at Loyal Citizen Clothing.

    Loyal Citizen shirts are available at Lalo (website) 142 High St or Joseph’s (website) 410 Fore St, or order direct on their website: loyalcitizenclothing.com


    "Oh, that's one of my favorite places to visit!" - living in Portland, Maine I hear that all the time. So, when you visit, I want you to see more than just the tourist stuff that everyone sees. I want you to see the Portland I love. So, I write about it.


    5 Responses to The Tee’s Have It: Top 5 Portland-themed Souvenir T-shirts

    1. Craig
      March 19, 2012 at 8:06 am

      Great post. We’ve been looking for good Ptown themed gift ideas and the peninsula shirt is awesome. Any idea where to get the Maine gear I’ve seen around with a lightening bolt ‘i’, making it look all AC/DC?

      • March 19, 2012 at 8:27 am

        I do, actually. They’re sold at Zanes (see above) and made by Board of Maine (www.boardofmaine.com). You can buy them on the board of Maine website ($25). Tee’s, sweatshirts, and hats too.

        • Craig
          March 19, 2012 at 10:22 am

          Yes! Thank you so much. I’ve been scouring the peninsula for these hats. Not an unpleasant quest, but finally over.

    2. March 29, 2012 at 3:17 pm

      Anna, thanks for mentioning Loyal Citizen Clothing with all the other cool Portland-inspired shirts.

      • March 29, 2012 at 8:00 pm

        You are very welcome. I’m sorry I had to use a photo from your website – I did try to get my own photo of the shirt, but yours just shows the shirt so much better than anything I could have done. I appreciate the link, and the FB post. We love your stuff!

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