• Fresh Approach: Norman Rockwell’s Neighborhood Grocery Store

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    I that, for a lot of us who don’t live in the West End, Fresh Approach came to our attention when a handwritten sign was posted on the front door of the Forest Avenue Hannaford on Thanksgiving (when Hannaford is closed) “Fresh Approach is open 9 am – 3 pm” the sign read, and gave the address.  And so we, who were out of this or that thing that was essential for Thanksgiving dinner – we, whose preschool child had dumped all the sage out on the floor (or something like that) traversed the maze of streets that is the West End and discovered Fresh Approach, like a beacon from another time.

    Fresh Approach is just like that neighborhood grocery store you remember. It’s not fancy, it’s not spacious and sunny, but it’s warm and inviting and filled with staff who really, really know their stuff when it comes to fresh, healthy food.  They have fresh produce, bulk herbs and spices, fresh bread (baked right on site), sundry grocery items, a deli full of spectacular meats and cheeses, and a meat counter that can’t be beat — either for quality or price. When I was there earlier this week the butcher was on the phone with a customer, carefully describing (and weighing) crown roasts so they could hold the one that would exactly meet her needs.  They make their own sausages, and grind their own hamburger fresh all day. This is old-fashioned customer service at it’s very best, an echo of a time when serving customers was simply the only way to do business, because your customers were also your neighbors.


    (the three photos above are via Fresh Approach’s Facebook Page)

    Located on Brackett Street, directly across from Reiche school.  They have a huge parking lot (a real competitive advantage in the tight streets of the West End), and they also have a lunch counter where you can grab a hamburger or deli sandwich made with their fresh meats and cheeses.

    So, if you love quality meats and home baked goods, if you love the idea of a neighborhood grocery store where folks will learn your name, or if you just need something urgently on a day when the Great Big Supermarket is closed, give Fresh Approach a try. I guarantee it will become a regular stop for you on your grocery-buying adventures.

    Fresh Approach is located at 155 Brackett St in Portland. They are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 7 pm; Saturday 9 am to 7 pm and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. Plenty of free parking in their adjoining lot.  They also have a great website where they post their weekly specials. You can also Like them on Facebook. Be sure to take a look at their Facebook photos to get a real sense of the quality of the food they sell.

    Having trouble finding them? Here’s a map!


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    1. December 23, 2011 at 7:33 am

      We love Fresh Approach…their butcher counter can fulfill any oddball request you can come up with, and their breakfast sandwiches are awesome.

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