• Rosemont Market & Bakery: A Corner Store for the 21st Century

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    Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I love about Portland, but one of my least favorite things is this: it’s really hard to pick up a pie (not made at the supermarket) at 6 pm on your way home from work.  Foley’s closed at 5, and Two Fat Cats is always out of pies long before I’m out of work. It’s 90 degrees, my in-laws are coming over, and I really need a pie. I’m certainly not going to bake in this weather.

    Rosemont Market to the rescue!

    With two locations in Portland (the cozy one on Munjoy Hill and the more spacious space on Brighton) and one in Yarmouth, plus the Rosemont Produce store on Congress Street (that I’ve written about before) Rosemont Market & Bakery is truly a corner store for the 21st Century.

    Here’s the Key Lime Pie I brought home tonight – made by them, cool and refreshing and utterly delicious. It has a ginger snap crust which adds a nice bit to the already tangy cool lime goodness of the firm and creamy pie filling.  My other choice was an equally amazing looking cherry pie. As with everything Rosemont does, they focus on local, organic, healthy, home-made, simple, and truly excellent foods.

    They have bakery in their name, but they are so much more than a bakery. With a wide selection of cheeses, a truly excellent (and beautiful) produce selection, and a meat-counter that rivals that found at the top dedicated butcher-shop in town, Rosemont fills the niche of neighborhood market or corner store, but with far more style than your average dusty bodega.  Whether you need to pick up some tomato paste, a bit of flour, some cocoa powder, or just a cold beverage or a last-minute bottle of wine, Rosemont has what you need.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure I could prepare a holiday dinner for 12 with what I could pick up there in a 20 minute trip.

    The space on Munjoy Hill is intimate, and always busy, a great place to bump into neighbors or friends you haven’t seen in a while. Behind the counter you’ll note a few handwritten sticky notes saying things like “Ben $10 will pay today (Mon)” and “Owe Marion four tomatoes” — notes that prove that they are absolutely the neighborhood grocery store in the truest sense.

    The Brighton Avenue space (the new space they recently moved into) is very spacious and bright, and features a few more “gifty” items than the Munjoy Hill location (mugs and soaps and what not). What they share, though, is a passionate dedication to local foods — not only produce, but meats, dairy, cheeses, eggs, wines, honey – if it’s produced in Maine they likely have it or will get it for you.

    If you’ve never been, you’re missing out.  If you need a pie for desert with your in-laws (or a spring or oregano, or some buffalo sausage), this is your stop. They are friendly, knowledgeable about food, funny, and one of my favorite places in Portland. I hope they become one of yours, too.

    In Portland, Rosmont Market & Bakery is located at 88 Congress St (the Munjoy Hill location) or at 580 Brighton Ave (the Rosemont location). They also have a location in Yarmouth.  I wrote about their sibling business, Rosemont Produce, back in March.

    Here’s where you find them on the web. They also have an active Facebook site, as well as an active Twitter feed. You can also sign up for emails from them via the link on their home page. I highly recommend that you do that.


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